Appliances, Tires, Construction & Demo Debris

Disposal of Appliances, Tires, Construction & Demolition Debris

  • For disposal of household appliances, contact Refrigerant Depot LLC at 414-627-1152
  • Tires (on or off the rims) are not collected either at the curb or at the recycling center. Residents may dispose of their tires on their own, for a fee, at the Orchard Ridge Landfill. Contact Orchard Ridge directly at 262-253-8620 for disposal and fee information. Otherwise, private companies may collect tires for a fee - check the Yellow Pages for tire disposal companies.
  • Construction and demolition debris is not collected as part of Village waste or recycling collection. Residents must privately haul construction and demolition waste to a landfill, or have it removed by a contractor.

Other miscellaneous items may or may not be accepted at the curb. Contact the Public Works at 414-357-0120 for guidance on questionable items.