Mailbox Regulations

Prior to the winter snow plowing season is the time to check the condition and location of your mailbox/newspaper box.

  • The post for these boxes should be 24 inches from the edge of the road pavement or 18 inches behind the curbing; at a height of 42 to 48 inches from the bottom of the box support to the pavement of the road; not extending over the road or beyond the curbing.
  • Posts should not be any larger than a 4 by 4 wood post or 2-inch pipe.

Snow Plow Strikes

The Village is only responsible if the plow strikes the mailbox. The Village will not replace mailboxes which are unable to withstand the force of snow. The Public Works Department will place a temporary mailbox for your use, and repair/replace the damaged box and post as soon as the weather permits. The Village is not responsible for replacing designer boxes, posts, or any style of newspaper boxes.