Neighborhood Watch


Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program that enlists the active participation of citizens, in cooperation with law enforcement, to reduce residential crime. The bottom line…..

Neighbors Looking Out For Their Neighbors!

The Three Goals of Neighborhood Watch

  1. Neighbors getting to know each other and working together in a program of mutual assistance.
  2. Neighbors learning how to recognize and report suspicious activity.
    • Public area (street/sidewalk) or private area (driveway, yard)
    • Unfamiliar persons
    • With or without a purpose
  3. Neighbors using proven crime prevention techniques.
    • Adequate lighting (dusk to dawn vs. motion sensor)
    • Deadbolts and window pins/locks
    • Many other great ideas
    • Use of existing locks

How Neighborhood Watch Can Stop Crimes

Would a police officer recognize a stranger in your yard or a suspicious vehicle in your driveway? Maybe, maybe not…But your neighbors probably would!

Successful criminals must have three things working for them: Desire, Ability, and Opportunity. Take away any one or two of these three things and the crime does not occur!

Things to Consider

  • Many criminal acts are witnessed but not realized
  • Many crimes are crimes of opportunity
  • Many burglaries occur via an open window, or an open or unlocked door
  • Burglaries occur at all times of the day
  • The best crime prevention tool ever invented is a concerned neighbor!