Parking Information

Night Parking Regulations

Visit the Overnight Parking Request page for more information.

Parking Violation Fines

The following is a list of the parking violations and the new fine amounts.

No Parking Offical SignFine
No Parking On Grass$30
Overnight Parking$25
Snow Emergency$35
Parked in Firelane$35
Parked in Handicapped Space$125
Parked on the Wrong Side of Roadway$30
Parked within 10 feet of Fire Hydrant$30
Unauthorized Parking On Private Property$30

Parked Vehicle Information

Abandoned / Nuisance Vehicles

The open storage and parking of a nuisance or abandoned vehicle on any street or in public view are prohibited in the Village of Brown Deer. Any motor vehicle that is inoperable, unlicensed, unroadworthy, or dissembled is a nuisance vehicle. Any vehicle that remains in one location for three consecutive days, has been reported stolen to any police department, or does not have affixed a current motor vehicle registration is considered an abandoned vehicle.

An abandoned or nuisance vehicle has to be removed or repaired within three days from the time of notification. The notification will include an abandoned/nuisance vehicle orange placard placed on the vehicle. Officers may also attempt to contact the owner via mail, phone, or in person. If no response is received within three days, a citation may be issued and the vehicle may be towed at the owner's expense.

Registration Violations

Wisconsin State Statute 885.237 allows for the presumption that if a vehicle is parked on a highway/public street, an officer can assume that the vehicle was operated on that highway/public street by the registered owner. As a result, if officers encounter registration violations, such as Suspended Registration or Expired Registration, the officers can issue a citation to the registered owner. This statute only applies to public streets and does not apply to vehicles parked in a parking lot.

Any vehicle in violation of Wisconsin State Statute 885.237 will either have the citation mailed to the registered owner's address listed on the vehicle's registration or officers will attempt personal contact if possible.


Why does the police department enforce these violations?

The purpose of removing any abandoned/nuisance vehicle and enforcing registration violations is to protect the integrity of investments in real property, prevent the decline of real estate values, to improve aesthetics, and to protect public health, safety, and welfare. Allowing violations such as these to remain can invite other problems such as abandoned, unsightly, disabled vehicles or even suggest to criminals that crimes they commit will not be noticed by the public or the police.

Monthly Parking Permits

The Village of Brown Deer does not offer monthly parking permits.