Tips & Information

The Village begins plowing operations when 2 inches of snow has fallen on the roads. Village streets are plowed by priority - that is the streets with the most traffic are done first and streets with the least amount of traffic are last. When a "Snow Emergency" is declared, no parking is allowed on Village streets. The Department tries to minimize the use of deicers and the Village does not maintain a "clear pavement" policy.


A "windrow" occurs when a plow leaves a row of snow in the driveway that you just shoveled clean. There's nothing that the driver can do to prevent this. It is a factor of snow, time and physics. But you as a homeowner may be able to help yourself to reduce the impact of windrow.

It is suggested that you clear a pocket in the snow next to the driveway along the shoulder or curb. When the plow passes, most of the snow load will go into the pocket and minimize the windrow in the driveway. The drivers try to be careful not to knock snow into a driveway, but most times a windrow is inevitable.


For more information, contact the Public Works at 414-357-0120, between 7 am and 3:30 pm.