Meter Replacement Program

Every year, the Brown Deer Water Utility is required to replace a certain amount of water meters in the system. This is mandated by the Public Service Commission (PSC), which requires the replacement of water meters every 20 years. This requires approximately 5% of the system, or approximately 190 meters per year. Meters are replaced based on Utility records of installation dates. Additionally, based on battery lifespans, some radio transmitters (which allow the meter to be read) may need to be replaced more often than 20 years.

If your residence or business is scheduled for a meter replacement, a notification/letter will be sent in the mail with instructions to set up an appointment. The replacement typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete and is no cost to you.

Things to Consider Before the Appointment

  • An adult over the age of 18 must be present before the appointment
  • Attempt to locate your water meter. Our employees will need access and space to work.
  • If your meter is not located in your residence (i.e. your neighbor's unit in a side by side), call and let a Utility employee know. This may change when the change can be completed, as your neighbor will also need to be involved in the scheduling process.
  • Have some towels/rags for cleanup. Although water is turned off prior to the meter change, there still will be some drainage of water from the line when the meter is removed.
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