The Brown Deer Water Utility purchases its water from the City of Milwaukee. The source of our water is Lake Michigan. Water travels to your home through underground water mains. Over sixty miles of underground mains operate within Village boundaries.

Report a Water Main Break

If you want to report a possible water main break, contact the Police Department Dispatcher immediately at 414-371-2900. Water Utility staff will be notified and respond to the situation.

  1. Meter Readings
  2. Quarterly Billing Schedule
  3. Water Mains
  4. Hydrants
  5. Sampling
  6. Chlorine
  7. Booster Disinfection
  8. Meter Maintenance
  9. Well Abandonments

Your water bill is a composite of two charges: a fixed service charge based on the meter size at the property and a volumetric charge based on the amount of water used since the previous meter reading. The consumption is based on a reading of the water meter in your basement. The Utility reads your meter using a Badger Meter reading system. Using this system we can quickly, accurately, and efficiently read meters.