Recycling & Yard Waste Collection

Village of Brown Deer Recycling Center

The Recycling Center operates at the Department of Public Works (DPW) location:
8950 N Arbon Drive
Brown Deer, WI 53223

Residents are able to visit the Recycling Center seven days a week from 7 am to 7 pm. During times of adverse weather the Recycling Center may close. No contractors allowed.

The entrance to the Recycling Center is off of the Arbon Drive cul de sac to the south of the  DPW and requires an access card to be swiped at the gate. Residents of single family homes and condominiums can apply for the access card at the Department of Public Works or Village Hall. 

The Recycling Center is fully automated and accepts only Recycling (glass, aluminum, plastic, cardboard* and paper) Yard Waste, Scrap Metal and Used Motor Oil. If your card is traced to the disposal of items other than those listed, it will be deactivated, privileges to the facility will be lost and fines ($100) will be issued as allowed by ordinance.

*cardboard boxes must be broken down