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Absentee Ballots & Voting

Absentee Ballots are available for individuals who will not be able to attend their regular polling location during an election. It is important to know that absentee voters must also be registered voters. The first step to obtaining an absentee ballot is by requesting an absentee ballot by going to the MyVote Wisconsin Website or to complete an Application for Absentee Ballot (PDF) and return it to the Clerk's Office via email or by bringing it to Village Hall. 

ALL absentee applications must be submitted with a copy of WI photo ID. Please see the list of acceptable WI photo ID's.

Absentee ballots, which are available approximately three weeks prior to the election, are either mailed to the voter or completed in person at Village Hall. Questions regarding absentee ballots should be directed to the Village Clerk's office at 414-371-3050. An absentee ballot may be returned by mail or in person at the Village Clerk's office, however, may not be placed in the drop box in front of the Village Hall.

A recent law change does allow disabled voters to have another person return their absentee ballot in person or have it placed in the mail on their behalf.

2022 Election Dates

  • Tuesday, April 5th (Spring Election)
  • Tuesday, August 9th (Partisan Primary)
  • Tuesday, November 8th (General)

November 8th Sample Ballot

In Person Absentee Voting Hours

All absentee voting takes place at the Village Hall, 4800 W. Green Brook Drive. For the upcoming election, it will take place on Tuesday, July 26th through Friday, August 5th. Absentee voting is held during normal business hours, 8:00am - 4:30pm and open until 5:00pm on the last day. Please bring WI photo ID with you. Please see the list of acceptable WI photo ID's.

In Person Absentee Voting - 2022 Elections

2022 Elections First Day Last Day
April 5th Election March 22 April 1
August 9th Election July 26 August 5
November 8th Election October 25 November 4