Occupancy Certificates

Occupancy Certificates are required for any business or new home construction. The application for an occupancy inspection can be found here. Below is a list of requirements that are designated by the Village Code of Ordinances regarding Home Occupations.

Download the Occupancy Certificate Application (PDF).

Village Code Chapter 121, Section 121-155 Home Occupation Requirements

  1. Permitted home occupations in all residential districts shall be any business or occupation carried on by a member of the immediate family residing within the dwelling in connection with which:
    • The home occupation is incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling for dwelling purposes and does not occupy more than one-fourth (25%) of the floor area of a story, cellar, or accessory structure
    • There are no signs, display, or activity that will indicate from the exterior that the building is being used, in part, for any purpose other than that of a dwelling, except one sign, not more than two square feet in area, as regulated in Article IX
    • There are no commodities sold, or services rendered that require receipt or delivery of merchandise, goods, or equipment by other than a passenger motor vehicle or by U.S. letter carrier mail service
    • There is no person other than one additional member of the immediate family residing on the premises employed or otherwise engaged in the home occupation
    • All activity, including storage, is conducted completely within the dwelling unit, attached garage, or detached garage
    • There are no special structural alterations, or construction features to the dwelling, attached garage, or detached garage nor the installation of special equipment attached to walls, floors, or ceilings
    • There is no perceptible noise, odor, smoke, electrical interference, or vibration emanating from the structure
    • There is no more than one customer or client on the premises at the same time
    • There is no activity between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am
  2. The only modification to the standards in A above shall be those specified as conditional permitted uses within the regulations of a residential district. Please write a letter stating the type of business, hours of operation, and a brief description of the business. Note in the letter that you have read the Village Code regulations pertaining to home occupations and that you agree to abide by these regulations. The letter may be dropped off or sent to:
    Village of Brown Deer Building Inspection Department
    4800 W Green Brook Drive
    Brown Deer, WI 53223