General Information

Residency Policy

Individuals who live in the Village of Brown Deer and students who attend Brown Deer Schools may register for programs as residents. 2021 Resident ID cards may be obtained in the Village Hall during office hours.

Fees & Refunds Policy

Program fees are established to recover the direct operating costs of each facility and program. All fees must be paid at the time of registration. Fees will not be prorated for individuals who are unable to attend all sessions of a program.

Full refunds will be issued if a program is canceled or changed by the Park and Recreation Department. When a single program session is canceled due to weather or a change in facility availability, no refunds will be issued.

Full or partial refunds of instructional and membership fees will be issued only in situations when an individual or family is unable to participate because of a medical condition or unusual circumstance. Full or partial refunds of instructional and membership fees will be subject to a 20% administrative fee.

Program Policies

  • Inclement Weather: No programs, conducted in school buildings, will be held when the schools are closed due to inclement weather.
  • Insurance: The Park and Recreation Department does not provide hospital or medical insurance coverage for individuals who participate in sponsored programs. Participants are advised to obtain their own insurance coverage prior to registration in any program.
  • Physician Referral: Participants who are over 40 years of age or who have health problems are advised to consult a physician prior to registration in adult fitness classes.
  • Photographs: For program promotion purposes, photographs may be taken of participants during a program. If you do not want your or your child's photograph taken, please advise the class instructor.
  • Child Care: Child care is not provided for adult programs. Children are not permitted to attend adult programs without the supervision of another adult who is not actively participating in the activity.
  • Program Confirmations: Confirmations will not be sent. Assume you are enrolled and plan to attend unless otherwise notified.
  • Waiting Lists: The Park and Recreation Department will make every effort to accommodate individuals on waiting lists. If an opening becomes available, you will be contacted by telephone.

Brown Deer Park & Recreation Committee

Department policies and procedures are governed by the Brown Deer Park and Recreation Committee. Committee meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the Department of Public Works Conference Room and are open to the public. 

Comprehensive Plan