What is the vacant property registration procedure?

The process of vacant property registration undergoes the following general steps:

  1. Vacancy Determination. The property is either identified as vacant by a Village official, or by the property owner or lender.
  2. The owner or lender inspects the property and submits an application for a Vacant Property Registration Certificate to the Community Services Department.
  3. The owner or lender applies for a Certificate of Vacant Property Registration (and submits application form and $250 fee).
  4. A Village official inspects the property and, if found to be compliant with maintenance standards for Chapter 39 - Vacant and Foreclosed Properties. A Certificate of Vacant Property Registration is issued (valid for one year from issuance).
  5. If the property is not in compliance, Village officials notify the owner or lender and specify what must be corrected to achieve compliance.
  6. The property must then be re-inspected by both owners and the Village at least once every 90 days from the issuance of the Certificate, until vacancy ends.
  7. Twelve months after initial issuance of certificate, the certificate must be renewed for all properties that remain vacant. The renewal fee is $250 per year.
  8. See the Property Registration form for all necessary registration information.

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