What is going on with the Brown Deer Library?

This is a complicated issue. The library is facing two essential problems. The first is an aging facility in need of repairs along with outdated or nonexistent equipment. The second is expenditures are exceeding the revenues. The first issue can be addressed by borrowing more money to fix the building, upgrade the equipment, and add new equipment. However, does the public want to invest an estimated $1 to $1.2 million dollars for these things or build a more efficient modern library for $2 to $3 million dollars?

The second issue is more complicated. The Village can’t simply raise taxes and give more money to the library. The state since 2011 has frozen municipal tax increases other than for capital expenses. The Village can’t simply give the library more money. The problems are complicated but they do not need to be solved immediately. There is time to get input from the public. Here is an article written by Mary Buckley (PDF) and a PowerPoint presentation (PDF) covering some of the discussion.

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