What is happening at 51st and Brown Deer at the abandoned gas station?

In July of 2017 a developer was asked to work in partnership with the Village to purchase the long vacant former gas station. The Village drafted an agreement that provided financial incentive in exchange for input into what kind of development would occur on the site. The Village took $340,000 from the sale of a cell tower and then an additional $160,000 from hotel room tax to help the developer purchase the property.

As part of the agreement, the Village mandated that a coffee user be established at that location. This requirement stemmed from a community wide survey and subsequent data analysis by Colliers International. Colliers identified a coffee shop as the Village’s most glaring retail need and the retail use most requested in the survey. The developer is continuing to work with regional and national coffee companies to locate to this site. If the developer does not secure a national chain it either needs Village approval for a similar alternate development or they would need to return the $500,000.

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