Will my privacy be impacted?

No, your privacy will not be impacted. Maintaining an individual’s privacy and protecting the civil liberties of all persons is of paramount importance to the department. The Brown Deer Police Department is bound by federal law and the laws of the State of Wisconsin that direct the use of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) systems of all types and sizes, as it relates to the privacy of citizens. This same case law that applies to manned-helicopter programs that are used in many urban police departments across the country is the same case law that applies to these unmanned systems as well.

Both statutory laws and case laws dictate when search warrants must be obtained and provide limits on the use of technology by law enforcement to investigate suspected criminal activity in our community. In other words, if a search warrant is needed to access private property now such as looking in a backyard, then a search warrant would also be needed for accessing private property with our UAS. Again, our UAS program will not be used for arbitrary surveillance and must comply with all federal regulations and laws.

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