My water bill Is higher than usual - what’s wrong?

Your water bill is based on actual consumption. If it is noticeably higher and you are unaware of a reason for higher usage (such as watering lawns, filling pools, or more people living in the residence) you probably have a leak.

Toilet Leaks

Over 95% of leaks occur at the toilet. These leaks can be very expensive if left unfixed. Many toilet leaks are silent. Very often you do not hear the water dripping or running. Even a pinhead size drip can account for over 17,000 gallons in a quarter. 

If you have food coloring put several drops into the toilet tank. Do not flush. Wait ten to twenty minutes. If the color appears in the bowl - you have a leak.

Read Your Meter

You can also read the meter in your basement before you retire for the night (or sometime when you know no water will be used for several hours). Reread the meter first thing in the morning before any water has been used. If the numbers on the meter have changed that means water has moved through the meter. Our service employees can not repair leaks but they would be glad to come by and help locate it.

View the How to Read Your Non-Digital Meter (PDF) for more information.

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1. My water bill Is higher than usual - what’s wrong?
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