Why can I not find my property on the Milwaukee County Tax Portal?

In 2021 the Village of Brown Deer added three 0’s to the end of the parcel numbers.  There should be 10 numbers in the parcel number.  Please add the zeros and try again. The portal often brings up the prior years first.  You might have to scroll down several pages before you find the most recent information.  Please do not use the ‘name’ search field.  It is not very reliable as it requires everything to be entered exactly as it was imported.  If you hit more search fields, you will be able to search by address.   It is recommended that you use only the 4 digits for the number portion of your address and put it in where it says house #.  The most reliable method is probably using the ten-digit parcel number.  This can be found on your tax bill.          

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1. Why can I not find my property on the Milwaukee County Tax Portal?
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